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As co-founders of the Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI), we bring together global thought leaders, experienced managers, and young talent to share leadership issues for the future. The world needs responsible, effective leadership to solve the complex problems of our time. Here you will find food for thought, new perspectives and scientific findings on the topic of leadership:

Trump hair leadership

Why Donald Trump is a stronger leader than we might like

It’s the World Economic Forum in Davos – and once again, Donald Trump is ruling the headlines. As soon as he tweets something, the whole world gets worked up about it. And his fans rejoice. There is hardly a political actor who is as good at getting people to talk about him as the American president. How come?

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Interview with Joe Kaeser, CEO of SIEMENS, about Meaning at Work

Interview with Jimmy Wales, Co-founder of Wikipedia

Roots of Innovation

We asked four experts whether there is a success formula to foster innovation: Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter (CEO Vodafone Germany), Dr. Antonella Mei-Pochtler (Senior Advisor BCG), Lin Kayser (Founder of

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Small is beautiful

In 2015, the FLI held an interview with the financial risk analyst and bestseller author Nassim Taleb, on “Achieving True Progress”. Mr. Taleb, you are a mathematician,

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