AI als Karaokemaschine des menschlichen Geistes

Als Co-Founder der Future of Leadership Initiative präsentiert das MLI immer wieder spannende Einblicke in die FLI Vordenker-Interviews, die in über 4 Jahren entstanden sind. Andrian Kreye, Ressortleiter des Feuilletons bei der Süddeutschen Zeitung im jüngsten Interview der FLI.


The Highlights of our Thought Leader Interview with Infineon CEO Dr. Reinhard Ploss on Leadership and the Rise of Intelligent Machines.

Are we all going to be Cyborgs?

Portrait of the first officially accepted cyborg in the world, Neil Harbisson. Do you know what a cyborg is? Cyborg is the short version for „cybernetic organism“ and describes a composite being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. A cyborg is defined as somebody who has enhanced abilities due to the integration of some artificial component or technology that relies […]